Can All Terrain Tires Cause Vibration?

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It looks like you need to get a brand new tire for your vehicle. Thinking of going for the AT(All-Terrain) brand, right? But you have found some complaints about shaking.

I know the question which is kicking into your mind right now. Can All Terrain Tires cause vibration? Well, to be honest, you can’t deny those complaints. But they are not the only culprit.

There are some other factors that influence the vibration issue in tires. Be sure to read this article to know more about them.

Can All Terrain Tires Cause Vibration?

All-Terrain tire is also responsible for making vibration as we mentioned above. But why, what’s the reason behind it? And there is more to say considering this issue. 

As you know, the top all-terrain tires are specially made for off-road. Hence, they are designed in such a way to produce more traction with the surface. And there are also some features, including huge tread blocks and open shoulder patterns.

These characteristics combined increase more noise and vibration on the road. Besides, these off-road tires are made with soft rubbers compare to the typical ones. That’s what makes it a bit bouncy, and you know the rest.

Are There Any Other Reasons for Causing the Vibration?

So, the tire can cause vibration, as we learned from above. But if the issue isn’t fixed after changing the tire, then the tire may not be the only one responsible. Check the following points to find out what’s wrong.

Imbalanced Installation of Tires

If you face that vibration at a certain speed but not in the rest, you can assume that your tires weren’t installed in a balanced manner. 

The manufacturers always try their best to ensure the perfect weight distribution. But they might not have reached the goal this time. So, make sure to check the weight and follow the proper instruction manual.

Uneven Wear

Rubber tires can wear down definitely. But the front and the rear tire don’t wear down simultaneously as their job isn’t the same; this can happen due to irregular rotation or others. If that happens, then there’s a significant chance of having vibration.

Damaged Wheel

Your wheels can bend down due to manufacturing flaws or facing any accident. The tire won’t match well if there’s any structural damage. And this will surely cause irritating vibrations. But repairing or replacing your wheel can fix this issue in no time.

Mud in the Tire

Caked or dried mud in your tire can cause an imbalance without even letting you know. And this can influence the issue further.

Apart from these, there are also some things to look about for vibration. These are –

  • Damaged suspensions
  • Loosen nuts
  • Failure brake rotors
  • Engine issues

Final Words

If you have come this far, we hope that your confusion has now been clear regarding the question Can All Terrain Tires Cause Vibration. Make sure to check all those suspects before blaming the AT.

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