Is Autocross Safe?

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Do you love sports and driving? If so, you must have the desire to try out your luck at racing sometimes. But professional racing isn’t a walk in the park and requires extensive skills and coaching. However, Autocross can be an excellent alternative to feed your passion and get your car on the race track.

But is Autocross safe? This one question might be bugging you a lot. In fact, for most enthusiasts, this is the biggest hurdle they are afraid to cross. We have tried to elaborate on this topic and explain how risky or safe Autocross is to resolve this dilemma. So stay tuned to find out more!

What Is Autocross?

Before we explain how safe Autocross is, let’s get a brief idea about what this is all about:

Autocross is a toned-down form of racing that can be an excellent starting point for racing enthusiasts. It does not require professional skills as you would need on an F-1 race, and you can drive with any standard car. The rules are simple; you must not hit the traffic cones placed on both sides that outline the racing track.

Whoever reaches the end the fastest becomes the winner. If you wish to compete, all you will have to do is register in an Autocross event being held near you. You should also check your car’s fitness and perhaps replace its old tires with some popular Autocross tires to perform better at the race.

Safety of Autocross

Let’s dive into the main question of today now. Through extensive research and taking the opinion of expert drivers, we concluded that Autocross is definitely safer than any other mode of racing.

As a matter of fact, since the track in the Autocross event isn’t very wide, and one gets disqualified if they hit the cones, people drive slower than they normally would in a wide road. This reduces the chances of an accident by great miles. The worst-case scenario is you knocking out some traffic cones. 

Some expert drivers have vouched that Autocross helps to push the vehicle to its upper limits and improves your control over it to a great extent which wouldn’t normally be possible during a regular commute. On top of this, by applying different driving tricks, you learn to maneuver your car better.

Some have even cited that they could avoid accidents during their regular commute due to their skills while doing Autocross racing. Additionally, it is even safer if you are performing at organized competitions that have their own rules and ban certain moves which are dangerous. 


In conclusion, we can summarize that the answer to the question, “is autocross safe?” is affirmative. Although some small risks might be there, major accidents do not occur since most of the races are held in controlled environments. It also sharpens your driving skills and control over the car.

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