Atoto A6 vs A6 Pro

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If you have found yourself here, then you are probably surfing around the world wide web trying to wrap yourself around the two products Chinese manufacturer Atoto has released: the Atoto A6 and A6 Pro.

We completely understand if going through so many articles have you feeling completely dizzy and perplexed, but do not worry for we are here to give you a fair comparison of the A6 and A6 Pro.

The products that we will be comparing today have awfully similar names, just one has a ‘Pro’ in the end.

So today, we will be giving you a thorough comparison of the two Android head units from Atoto to help you decide which product is the one for you.

Without any further babbling, let’s get right into this battle of Atoto A6 vs. A6 Pro

Atoto A6

If you are familiar with using Android tablets, what you should know is that the Atoto A6 stereo control unit is surprisingly very similar to one! You will be able to download almost all the media applications from the Google Play store, and they will run properly with the A6.

The multi-head unit is super fast, pairing up with your phone in about 2 seconds, which is like the blink of an eye.

And the 7” high definition touch screen makes controlling as easy as it has ever been, and provides you with a comfortable and pleasant experience.

You also have three USB ports along with a video input and a micro SD card slot, to make media playing a hassle-free time.

And you may have heard that the sound quality is not near the peak of the mountain with the high-end boys, but it sure is not horrible.

Moreover, you will get a pre-amplifier that is to be placed in the rear and front while keeping the option of connecting to a separate sub-woofer available as well.

Along with all the media playing, the A6 will also provide you with built-in GPS and Google Maps as the default map app.

In addition to that, there is also built-in wifi with this thing to ensure better connection and GPS location service.

Not only GPS, but the wifi and Bluetooth work perfectly with great signal and even better with the included external antenna.

Atoto A6 Pro

Atoto A6 Pro guide

With the addition of Pro to its name, it’s obvious for anyone to expect a much more marvelous experience from the Atoto A6 Pro.

Released almost with the A6, the A6 Pro has a lot of similar features to the regular model, however not without some improvements!

It is still a lot like the Android tablet interface of the regular unit, but if you are an iOS user, do not be disappointed as you can also connect your Apple devices without any complications.

A radio tuner is available in this model so you can tune into your favorite station when you’re on the go from work to home in the evening, for all the radio junkies out there.

An online, as well as an offline map, will guide you and help you to stay on the right track in the A6 Pro.

One of the most hyped features has to be gesture control, where you can make gestures with your hands in mid-air to control things like the volume! How impressive is that?

You will have no problem connecting your device with this double din head unit because of its new and advanced Bluetooth 5.0, not to forget to its excellent built-in wifi reception that is improved even further with an external antenna included with the package.

Also, you will be benefitting from a sharper IPS display, and a hands-free calling, and a texting experience with a highly recommended application to download called ‘Hound’.

Atoto A6 Pro or A6 Car Stereo?

ATOTO A6 Pro Review

The similarities between the A6 and A6 Pro are undeniable. Without a doubt, they have a large number of common features.

The Pro model is not a completely different version of the A6, but rather an only improvised version.

However, the small improvements can make or break the deal for a large portion of the consumers, for we wouldn’t want to invest our money in something without being certain about the product.

Although both of the head units will work just fine, these differences are well worth knowing, and we are here to do just that.


Both of these devices have great response in connectivity and support Bluetooth, wifi as well as connecting to hotspots.

However, the A6 Pro takes the lead over here with the newer Bluetooth 5.0, which is speedier than the already fast Bluetooth pairing.

While three USB ports are present in both the models to connect and charge multiple devices, the Pro version only has 2 ohms capable amp USB ports, which results in quick charging to top up your phone with juice in no time!

There are also two video inputs in the upgraded model instead of the one in the regular! And to put the cherry on the A6 Pro’s cake, it also has a faster 5GHz wifi, which consequently results in faster working applications.


A 7-inch touch screen HD display is supported by both the units, which allows for easy use with the touch of your fingertips.

Although the screen is highly praised in the A6 as well for the price, consumers have repeatedly emphasized what a big upgrade the Pro model has received in the display section.

The A6 Pro boasts a better IPS display with greater sharpness and more accurate colors for customers to relish the media playback further.

Reportedly, the upgraded model is free of the glare issue that was of profound annoyance in the A6 when under direct sunlight.

Gesture Control

As mentioned before, the A6 Pro has the futuristic feature of gesture control, which most users have said to be a rather hit or miss. Some would even call it gimmicky.

Requiring users to put their hands in specific positions to control things like the volume is far from convenient, so we’d say you’re not missing out on much here if you want to settle with the A6.

Steering Control

Another feature that the Pro version has and is useful is the wireless steering wheel control that any driver would appreciate to just quickly put the volume up or down, change stations, etc.

Something worth noting is that both of the models being compared support a hands-free calling and texting experience with voice assistants (Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant) is appreciated by numerous customers worldwide.

You should keep in mind that it works properly only with the installed Android Auto application.

Software and Updates

It goes without saying that since Atoto is a Chinese manufacturer, software updates do not roll out that quickly and regularly.

However, the Pro model gets more frequent software updates, which is why it tends to run a tad bit smoother.

Both the models still have been updated to Android 9.0, though, which is sufficient to install the applications you would need for your car.

You will still get firmware updates more than other Chinese companies, which is imperative for a smooth operation of the Atoto devices without being too buggy.

And it has been reviewed that the A6 Pro is better at installation of applications than the regular A6, which gives the Pro an upper hand.

If you were opting for the regular one, you would be pleased to hear that over 350 applications have been tested with the A6, which run smoothly, especially the larger portion of the apps from the cars and utility category that works just fine!


For budget products, both of these products have a delectable sound quality and support additional sub-woofers to be attached if you are an audiophile, however, do not set your expectations up to the astounding sound quality of a USD 2000 system.

Yet again, the A6 Pro is a step ahead of the A6 with a clearer bass, no interference noise and the factory speakers are ample for any regular consumer.


For the greater mass, the price of the product is one of the strongest determinants while considering to purchase it. In this case, the Atoto A6 Pro comes in with an average price of around 100 USD greater than the A6.

You will see that there is the standard model, which is the cheapest one. However, we would urge you to not go for this base model because it will give you a buggy and troublesome experience, which will be just a waste of your money.

Final Verdict

We believe that we have provided you with a fairly detailed comparison of the two products with spotlights on them here.

Since both the products have a 100 USD price difference and have similar features, we leave you with the final decision to make but not without guidance.

You must have picked up that there is a slight improvement in almost every step of the way for the A6 Pro, so if you think it is worth the extra money, we would highly recommend getting the Pro version.

However, if you have a tighter budget, we would like to clarify that the regular Atoto A6 is not a box of garbage. It is actually quite a great unit and will serve you well!

Hopefully, you are now able to come to a decision after witnessing this battle of the Atoto A6 vs. A6 Pro, and you have found this comparison to be useful.

If you have any further questions, drop them down in the comments section below.