Xtrons vs. Eonon Car Stereo

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In today’s day and age, we all are well aware of how traffic is exponentially increasing and especially in the big crowded cities.

As a result of that, a lot of us are stuck in our cars for longer than we want to or even anticipate so things can get really boring.

Hence, having a car stereo unit to play your favorite media is basically a necessity now!

From movies to catching up on the ongoing football game of your favorite team, we bet you want a stereo head unit that does it all.

So in our Xtrons vs. Eonon car stereo debate, we will be discussing, reviewing, and then doing a little comparison of some stereo head units from Xtrons and Eonon.

So without any more talk, let’s get right into this battle of Xtrons vs Eonon car stereo.

Xtrons Car Stereo

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Xtrons is a company known to deliver products with the latest technology and high-end features of the market.

Their IPS touch screen displays are known for easy control and crisp quality along with so many other features.

The driver-friendly user interface that they have introduced has also received a lot of praise from the crowd of car enthusiasts.

If you are a person who is still a bit old school and prefer to go along with your CDs and DVDs you will be glad to hear that these Xtrons car stereo work well with almost any CDs and DVDs!

Their Octa-Core or sometimes Quad-core processors provide enough power for the devices to be run smoothly without too many hiccups.

Recommended Xtrons Car Stereo to Buy

Here are our recommended picks for you.

XTRONS Android 10.0 Car Stereo Radio Player

XTRONS Android 10.0 Car Stereo Radio Player

The Xtrons Android 10.0 is a car stereo radio player with an impressive 10.1 inches IPS LCD touch display that is crisp at a wide range of angles, and it packs in many great features that we will be discussing now.

There is a built-in DSP that enables you to have proper control over the audio so you can attain the perfect sound to go on with your mood and it also allows you to enjoy your media more.

The smart bass is a feature that the bass heads will definitely appreciate. Not to forget the balance, delay, bass filter ensures that you receive the truest to life clear sound to enjoy.

As mentioned before, this stereo unit has a very driver-friendly user interface which is essential because we want bot of your eyes on the road when you’re driving!

The large icons make it very easy to navigate through the system with only a few quick glances.

Thanks to the RCA output function and dual-zone function you can easily play the same media in the back seat monitors.

You can also screen mirror your phone to play music or play your downloaded tv shows in the car without any fuss here.

Another very important feature that is present in this product is GPS navigation which is essential in car head units.

It also has hands-free calling and audio streaming so you can receive important calls without risking an injury.

To fortify the safety of the car, you will also get a camera input function to observe what is at the back of your car before reversing.

The tire pressure and air conditioner monitoring are two other nice little tweaks that make this product one of our recommendations.


  • Crisp touch display at any angle
  • Driver-friendly user interface
  • Built-in DSP for the better audio experience
  • Screen mirroring and GPS navigation functions
  • Camera input available for extra safety
  • Fast connection thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and wifi


  • Not compatible with a lot of cars
  • Can be a bit slow due to only 2 GB RAM and not the best quad-core processor

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Xtrons Android 9.0 Car Stereo Radio DVD player

Xtrons Android 9.0 Car Stereo Radio DVD player

If you are one of those people who still have a designated large bag for CDs and DVDs that you like to keep around, you will surely enjoy this device in your car.

This packs a 6.95-inch backlit multi-touch display which might not be very large but it surely gets the job done.

Much like the previous product, this one also has a driver-friendly user interface specially laid out with large buttons and icons as well as voice actions so that you get less distracted trying to get a hang of the system.

All thanks to the PX5 octa-core processor and the 4 GB RAM, this thing flies through everything smoothly without any hiccups.

Along with the CDs and DVDs, you can also use USB and SD cards to play media which has a maximum storage of 128 GB which is plenty.

This unit also has the screen mirroring function for you to play the downloaded movies or shows in your car, but you should keep in mind that it is not suitable for all phones/devices.

In the matter of connectivity, you will get the standard Bluetooth 5.0 which is sufficient for you to pair up everything within a matter of seconds.

The steering wheel control is also a plus point here, and the built-in radio tuner also enables you to listen to frequencies of stations from 54 FM and 24 AM stations.


  • Fast and responsive system thanks to the PX5 processor
  • Supports CDs, DVDs, SD cards, and USB
  • Steering wheel control to easily switch songs and radio stations
  • Driver-friendly interface for safe driving
  • Impressive built-in radio tuner


  • Display is a bit small and not sharp enough

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Eonon Car Stereo

Recommended Eonon Car Stereo to Buy

If you own a car and have plenty of knowledge about them you might also have gone through some companies which produce car stereos, and Eonon might have been one of them.

Eonon is a company based in Hong Kong that sells car stereo units internationally now and they have definitely made a name in the industry.

They are known for their fast connection, GPS navigation, special features like split-screen functionality and so much more!

As a company, they do have an array of impressive products, but for today we will be discussing two of their latest car stereo units.

Recommended Eonon Car Stereo to Buy

Below we will review the top Eonon car stereos.

Eonon Double Din Car Stereo

Eonon Double Din Car Stereo

This car stereo from Eonon is one of their newest additions to their product line and it has tons of great features that put it into our recommendations.

For starters, the new Android 10.0 makes it a breeze to navigate through the system with an updated look as well, after all, the software is very important.

It is also responsive and fast enough because of its ARM MTK quad-core processor.

The 2 GB RAM written on the specification sheet might put you off a bit, but don’t worry since this is a car stereo it suffices.

When it comes to storage, this device has an internal storage of 32 GB which is not bad for storing music but still if you like to have more variety in your hands, you can use a USB input with a maximum capacity of 64 GB.

If you are an Apple user, you don’t have to be bummed that this runs android because due to the addition of the built-in car play option you can easily pair up your iPhone or any Apple devices and continue with your media playback.

This device comes with an 8 inch HD display which is not the largest undoubtedly but it’s just fine.

As mentioned previously, you have the split-screen function which will let you multi-task, and who doesn’t like that considering our hectic schedules.

A plus point is that if you are an audiophile you can pair up this with a BOSE audio system and with the installed equalizer you’ll really feel the bass.

For fast pairing, you have wifi and 4G connection and obviously Bluetooth connectivity.

The GPS navigation here is great and you can run Google Maps or Apple’s Maps quite smoothly.

Last but not the least, it also has radio from 12AM to 18FM for those of you who like to tune into stations. Do keep in mind this is for specific models mentioned in the title.


  • New Android 10.0 software
  • Split-screen functionality
  • Decent GPS navigation with Google Maps and other apps
  • Plug-and-play with a BOSE audio system
  • Radio functionality is available
  • Good value for money


  • Screen is not that big and sharp
  • Not the fastest system

Newest Android Car Stereo Android 10 Double Din Car Stereo

Newest Android Car Stereo Android 10 Double Din Car Stereo

If you own a BMW 3 series car and are looking for a decent car stereo under the 300 dollars mark, you might want to take a look at this one we have here.

Much like the previous Eonon car stereo, this one was also released in 2020 with Android 10.0 pre-installed.

You can quickly pair up your iPhone with this device using built-in car play, and on top of that, you will also get hands-free calling and audio streaming features which only makes for a safer driving experience.

This device packs a 9 inch HD display which is crisp enough for media consumption while driving.

You should also know, for the affordable price tag this device also has a nice and simple look to it which would blend in with the sleek interior of a BMW.

Moreover, the split-screen feature is yet again present here as well, allowing you to do more in less time.

The GPS navigation is also great especially with Google maps, and you should note that you can even pair your apple or android phone and mirror your content on the stereo unit via a USB cable.

To top that off, you also have backup camera support so you have your eyes at the back as well.

For pairing, you have WiFi, 4G, and of course Bluetooth all of which work well enough to pair your device up in a matter of seconds, and the best feature here is the 1-second fast boot up!

In the hardware department, you get the same processor as the product discussed before, an ARM MTK processor with 2 GB RAM and you also get the standard 32 GB ROM.

Needless to say, you’ll be able to tune into radio stations as well to enjoy your favorite talk shows and some music.


  • An absolute bang for the buck
  • Android 10.0 new software
  • Decent 9 inch HD display
  • Fast boot up in literally a second
  • Backup camera support


  • Can have a few hiccups sometimes

Xtrons or Eonon Car Stereo?

Car stereo units discussed today from Xtrons and Eonon are all great quality products, but the products from the two companies obviously have differences.

Hence, we will be discussing some factors that will help to guide you towards a good purchase.


None of these products discussed today are very laggy, but it is worth mentioning which one is faster.

The car stereo units from Xtrons do have more RAM and a faster processor, as a result, it is more responsive than the ones from Eonon.


The size of the display really varies from product to product rather than company to company, in this case, however, Xtrons’ display tends to be a tad bit sharper.

Although all the four products reviewed have a decent design, the design of Xtrons design does look a bit more premium but ultimately the design is a matter of personal preference.


You have probably noticed that all of these items run the latest version of Android 10.0 which means that they are all quite user-friendly.

However, it is worth mentioning that the Xtrons device has a slightly more driver-friendly experience with its larger icons as well as the steering wheel controls.

Both of the companies have kept the essential GPS navigation and they all work flawlessly.

The split-screen functionality though, makes it easier for users to get things done more efficiently.

You probably know that you can mirror the content of your phone to all these devices, but we must point out that Xtrons has wireless screen mirroring versus the USB connected one of Eonon.

Control and Audio

The audio playback with these items is impressive but there are a few differences here and there.

Eonon and Xtron devices have equalizer settings which make it easier to set the sound just right but Xtrons’ ones have cleaner bass while Eonon supports BOSE audio systems which are famous for its rich audio.

You should note down that the Xtrons devices have a bit more analytics and control, for example, you can check the air-conditioning system.


Throughout this comparison, you may have already noticed that Xtrons had a slight upper hand in most of the categories, but what you should also know is that it comes with a price.

The price of the Xtrons products is not very high by any means but they are more expensive than the Eonon ones.


We hope you have found this Xtrons vs. Eonon car stereo comparison guide to be useful, after all, we have tried to provide you with all the essential pieces of information.

In the end, it all comes to personal preference here since none of the products are bad in any way.

Just make sure you buy the car stereo that fits your criteria better.