How Does Autocross Work?

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Do you love to watch racing on TV and wish to try it yourself? If the answer is yes, but you feel apprehensive because of the risks involved with professional racing, you must be thinking of trying out Autocross. But how does Autocross work?

Autocross is mainly an amateur form of racing for racing enthusiasts that is safer and does not require years of training to excel at. You will need a regular car with specific tires and a temporary track created in an empty road or parking lot to participate in it.

This article will divulge all the details about how this form of racing works to help you get to know it better. So stay tuned!

What Is Autocross?

Autocross is a safer alternative to competitive racing, which uses a wide array of vehicles owned by the participants. Therefore, you won’t have to invest in fancy sports cars to be a part of it. 

This format usually uses a regular road or parking lot to create a temporary racing track by using traffic cones as the outline of the path. The rule is not to evade the boundary created by the cones or touch the cones by any means. And just like any other race, the one who finishes the fastest becomes the winner. Here is a guide to know what is autocross tires.

How It Works?

To make the race more challenging, curvy roads can be made a part of the track. Other than this, there are some different common rules followed in it, such as:

Type of Car Needed

As mentioned earlier, you won’t need a particular car to compete in Autocross. You can use your regular commute car here. No matter what the brand of the vehicle is, as long as it is mechanically fit and in good shape, you can easily use it. 

However, it is best not to use trucks and SUVs here since these vehicles are heavier and won’t perform that well in the race.

Car Parts

You actually won’t need any type of special modifications on your car to do this race. However, you might add special tires with better traction in order to improve your performance.


In this format, you will be penalized if you touch the cones or skip any part of the track by trying to take a shortcut. You might be disqualified or lose points from your total.


The event is not completely free as organizing it requires some funds. The cheapest autocross event can cost as low as 25 dollars, while it can also be as high as 100-200 dollars depending on the organization. 


By now, we hope all your confusion is cleared out about the query, “How does Autocross work?” We have tried to cover all the points necessary to help you know this race inside out. So get some top quality autocross tires, prepare your car and participate in an event being held near you!

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